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Mission Minded Shines in International Marketing Awards

Posted by on January 31st, 2019
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Mission Minded and four of the schools we serve won six awards in the only international competition that exclusively recognizes excellence in private and independent school marketing and communications.

The Brilliance Awards are sponsored by InspirED School Marketers, a website that provides “brilliant ideas and brain food” for private school administrators around the globe.

In looking at what made these winning projects so successful, we noticed a bit of a trend. These awards were truly a product of:

  • Thoughtful collaboration between Mission Minded and our client
  • A deliberate brand strategy as the backbone of every creative decision
  • And a leap of good faith among our clients who trusted us to help them push past the expected

We are grateful to have the opportunity to work with so many amazing schools each and every year. You are all brilliant!


Berkwood Hedge School for Viewbook

This lovely viewbook is a joy to experience. It’s the perfect example of a piece that makes families want to learn more about a school. Instead of trying to present all the facts and figures that can be found elsewhere, it tells stories through words, pictures and illustrations. A clear winner.”

“Receiving high marks across the board for originality, persuasiveness, copy and more, Berkwood also receives high marks for taking a risk with their design and approach. Truly exceptional is the combined use of illustration and photography — a unique approach of using two different types of visual storytelling that are not often combined. The result is very powerful; very impactful.”



San Francisco Day School for Enrollment Package

“This school does a lot with a little, appropriate for a K-8 school, and does it in an attention-grabbing way. The dual themes of intellect/imagination and connectedness are uncluttered by an information dump. That one of the pieces is an activity book, bringing small children into the process, reinforces that the school wants students to “exercise their intellectual and imaginative muscles together.”



San Francisco Day School for Photography

The photos give you a sense of the balance of student life. You can learn and have fun, too. I love the image of the students blowing bubbles from the ground up perspective.

“These have a nice energy and spirit to them. Good diversity. Nice, unposed moments.”



San Francisco Day School for Fundraising Appeal

“The die-cut fold-out cover in bright colors creating the San Francisco skyline is a show stopper. Wow. The text is high-energy, upbeat and lively, with a “let’s get going together” message that comes through loud and clear. This is some of the most motivational campaign language I’ve ever read.”

Learn. Live. Thrive! from Mission Minded on Vimeo.


Crystal Springs Upland School for Enrollment Video

 “Sophisticated, beautifully messaged video with students who are genuine and compelling. Really good mix of music and editing techniques. Lots of focus on relationships, and a growth mindset kind of character.”



Roland Park Country School for Photography

These photos promise a school experience that is joyful, academically interesting and personally enriching. I love how they show students of different ages who are alternately inquisitive, relaxed, spirited and contemplative. They seem happy and confident, which is how we all want our children to feel when they’re at school.”


The entries were judged by a panel of 60 marketing professionals in peer schools or businesses that specialize in school marketing. All entries were scored on creativity, impact, design, copy, photography and overall appeal.



Rod Lemaire is a Mission Minded Partner and Creative Director, overseeing our award-winning design studio. Rod delivers more than a decade of art direction and communication design expertise for mission-driven organizations.

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