Severn School

The Challenge

Severn School, renowned for its emphasis on character, conduct, and scholarship as a school that prepared young men for the Naval Academy, faced enduring perceptions of being "traditional" and "elite." These misconceptions posed challenges in showcasing the now co-educational K-12 school's inclusivity and the diverse facets of leadership it valued. To enhance its program, culture, and reputation, Severn sought a strategic vision and plan.


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  • Creative
  • Strategic Planning
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  • Web Design and Development

The Insight

Recognizing the inherent equity in Severn’s history and values, Mission Minded identified a need for reframing the narrative around leadership. We proposed shifting from conventional ideas of power and strength to emphasizing intellectual agility, unwavering integrity, and instinctive inclusivity as hallmarks of effective leadership. This insight transformed leadership into an accessible quality for all, aligning seamlessly with Severn School’s mission of nurturing exceptional individuals.

The Journey

Collaborating with Mission Minded, Severn School embarked on a transformative journey to amplify its impact and redefine leadership paradigms. A Strategic Plan was crafted, emphasizing the global need for dynamic and inclusive leaders. This journey empowered Severn to innovate its programs, enhance professional development opportunities, and upgrade facilities where students practice multifaceted leadership skills relevant to contemporary society.

The Impact

This transformational journey has fostered a broader understanding of effective leadership and broadened Severn’s program and impact. An outgrowth of the plan was a refreshed brand which effectively communicated Severn’s unique ethos and value proposition, resonating deeply with students, faculty, and the wider community. Students at Severn today embrace and practice leadership as a dynamic quality rooted in agility, integrity, and inclusivity, shaping a legacy of empowered and impactful future leaders at Severn School.

Mission Minded insights led us to the most relevant, yet breakthrough plan our school has had in more than a century.

Doug Lagarde, Head of School at Severn School

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