Flint Hill

The Challenge

Flint Hill School believes that when teachers model an innovative mindset, students are inspired to take meaningful risks and blaze their own trails. However, their brand’s visual identity was outdated and uninspired, failing to reflect the school’s ethos. They needed a refresh to help them stand out in a competitive market.


  • Brand Strategy & Messages
  • Campaigns
  • Creative
  • Visual Identity
  • Web Design and Development

The Insight

In a landscape with several excellent schools and an increasingly complex world, it was crucial for Flint Hill to clearly communicate their relentlessly innovative spirit and the courage of their graduates. Three guiding questions shaped the visual expression of the Flint Hill School brand: Does this speak to our innovation? Is it dynamic? Does it reflect our inclusive community?

The Journey

Flint Hill’s new logo and visual identity system embody the school’s curious and innovative nature. The brand mark features a hidden “F” and “H” within a geometric block, symbolizing the discovery and pursuit of knowledge. This subtle design encourages viewers to see the letter forms once they are pointed out, representing the curiosity and innovation at the heart of Flint Hill. From print to web, Flint Hill inspires students to blaze their own trails by modeling innovative thinking. Dynamic photography, featuring various points of view and scales, paired with the use of angles, balances the school’s innovative and curious nature.

The Impact

The new brand and visual identity not only helped prospective students quickly understand what distinguishes Flint Hill from other schools, but also helped the internal school community better appreciate the value and benefits of their institution.

This is so beautiful and effective. Just stunning! This brand truly matches our reputation. This has been a tremendous help in giving us confidence and competence in how to express who we are.

John Thomas, as Head of School at Flint Hill School

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