Curtis School

The Challenge

Curtis School had a strong reputation and robust enrollment, yet there was a challenge in articulating its excellence to those less familiar with the school. Communications materials including the website underplayed the unique excellence found only at the school. Even within their appreciative community, there was a struggle to define what truly made the school exceptional. To unlock its full potential, school leaders recognized the need for clarity regarding its unique strengths and mission-driven approach.


  • Brand Strategy & Messages
  • Campaigns
  • Creative
  • Strategic Planning
  • Video
  • Visual Identity
  • Web Design and Development

The Insight

Through a deep dive into Curtis School’s daily life, the Mission Minded team discovered the exciting essence of the school’s excellence: The mission, centered on developing a sound mind, body, and compassionate heart in every child, was more than words—it was a child-centric ethos that permeated every aspect of Curtis School’s culture, from classrooms to playgrounds. The opportunities to humanize the brand—online, and through storytelling—were plentiful.

The Journey

“Always Begin with the Child” emerged as Curtis School’s guiding mantra, shaping every decision, lesson, and policy to prioritize students’ well-being and growth. This child-centric focus sets Curtis School apart in the competitive landscape of Los Angeles-area schools, emphasizing holistic development alongside academic achievements. This simplicity and focus came to life in how we approached messages, visual design, admissions tools, and website architecture.

The Impact

Today, the community not only holds a deep sense of pride in Curtis School, but also understands and celebrates its unique essence and knows how to speak about it. The clarity around “Always Begin with the Child” as “ABC” has become more than a guiding principle—it’s a part of the school’s identity, echoed by Curtis students themselves as they embrace the school’s ethos. All of this has been brought to life through a child-centric website which sets Curtis School apart.

 I found a real thought partnership with the Mission Minded team, every step of the way. And at times, they would push us to aspire for more which opened our eyes to greater opportunities for the school. That was really one of the most rewarding parts of working with Mission Minded.

Meera Ratnesar, Head of School at Curtis School

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