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Mission Minded Wins National Marketing Awards

Mission Minded won Gold and Silver Brilliance Awards this week for our work on Marin Academy’s Website and Drew School’s Admissions Video in a national competition hosted by InspirED School Marketers. We feel so lucky to have had the chance to lead the rebranding efforts for these two extraordinary schools. Each project was a joy from the first moment, and the strong partnership with each school’s leadership is what made outstanding, authentic work possible. These awards are the result of true collaboration. All the entries were judged by a panel of 10 experts who are... +Read More

How To Turn A New Brand Into a Fresh Admissions Campaign

Being crystal clear on the brand of your school—that single big, differentiating idea that you want to be known by—is how smart schools create an admissions campaign that excites everyone from faculty to would-be families. No longer just a printed view book, today’s admissions campaigns include a well-conceived suite of communications that powerfully signal to students and their families what’s truly special about a school. The best admissions tools give prospective families a peek at the experience of being a part of the school community. What does your school, and yours alone, offer your... +Read More

Aaron Rosenthal

Making the Most of Your Engagement with Mission Minded

The author is the Marketing and Communications Manager of Mission Minded client, Children’s Council of San Francisco. From the spring of 2013, when we began our branding engagement, through June of 2014, when we launched our new web site, a group of us at Children’s Council of San Francisco got to know our colleagues at Mission Minded quite well. And Children’s Council derived a number of benefits from that work. We have a clear sense of who we are and the reputation we are committed to building. We know how to describe the impact of our work (cool!) instead of bogging it down... +Read More

9 Mistakes Your Independent School Can Avoid This Admissions Season

Knowing how to create a great admissions experience can be tricky. You want to attract new families to your school, yet you know your school isn’t right for everyone. You want to communicate powerfully, but you don’t want to waste money on printing materials that no one ever reads. You want campus visits to provide an insider’s view, but may not be sure where to focus. If you’re under time and budget constraints to keep things moving, you may make improvements to your admissions communications where you can, but stick to the basic approach year after year. This can lead to mistakes. We’ve... +Read More

All-Call for Independent Schools: School’s Out—But You Should Be In

Ahhh. Admissions season is over, summer is nigh, and it’s time to recharge before the fall frenzy starts up again. Before you take out the margarita glasses, Mission Minded is here with a suggestion that you’ll thank us for later (though you might not feel too fondly towards us in the next few paragraphs): You need to get started on your next admissions season’s communication materials very, very soon. Preferably now. We counsel our school clients to plan more than a year in advance of the admission season for which they want new materials. That means starting now on a new campaign for Fall... +Read More