Evident Change

The Challenge

Evident Change is a nonprofit that uses data and research to improve our social systems. Although they had a solid reputation — they are one of the longest-standing institutions dedicated to analyzing and improving our complex social systems—they weren’t fully understood for the greater impact of their work.


  • Brand Strategy & Messages
  • Creative
  • Visual Identity
  • Web Design and Development

The Insight

Equity and partnership are at the core of their brand, but had gotten lost in the complexities of the data-driven expertise that makes that equity possible. 

Research also showed that supporting professionals to be their best, without seeming to condescend—or indict the people or systems themselves—needed to rest on clarifying that Evident Change shares a mission of transforming the lives of people living in and affected by those systems. 

The Journey

To translate the brand from features-focused to benefits-driven position we partnered with their leaders to create a new name – from National Council on Crime and Delinquency to Evident Change. The new name acknowledges their rigorous approach to evidence-based research and commitment to meaningful and sustainable change.

The embedded bar chart in their logo is a nod to their data-informed approach,  and the connection of the E’s in the two words visual signals their commitment to joining forces and collaboration to power change. Visual elements build upon each other to tell a bigger story to signify balance, equity, and forces joining. 

The Impact

Evident Change is now known for their belief that systems should help people achieve their greatest potential, not create barriers to their success. They are able to successfully promote the idea that by joining forces with those who work in our systems and the people they serve, systems—and our society—become more equitable from the inside out. 

We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this logo and vis ID. It feels human and connected, which is so important for our rebrand. The logo is **chef’s kiss**. The typeface’s combo of roundedness and pointiness makes it feel balanced, and we loved the graphic element of the colored bars, which evoked change, data, and a path.

Erin Hanusa, Director of Communications, Evident Change

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