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As your nonprofit branding experts we’ll tailor our services to meet the unique needs of your nonprofit, foundation, independent school, arts and culture organization, or university. We offer realistic, high-impact solutions that support your mission.

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Know Who You Are

Think of brand as a synonym for the word “reputation.” You already have one, but is the reputation you have today the one you need to reach your goals? We’ll help you define (or refine) your unique brand, then develop all the tools to bring it to life so there’s no mistaking what you stand for, how you’re different, and how people can join you.

  • Brand Strategy
  • Key Messages & Storytelling
  • Strategic Planning
  • Naming
  • Taglines

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Show Who You Are

The way you look—from your overall visual identity to your online presence and business cards—conveys meaning and metaphor that can’t be imparted through words alone. Good design is a shortcut that allows people to recognize your organization, understand your value, and see why your work matters.

  • Visual Identity & Logo Design
  • Websites
  • Fundraising Collateral
  • Campaign Creative
  • Admissions Campaign Development
  • Video
  • More

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Grow Who You Are

Your work has impact. Shouldn’t your communications? Whether raising money, increasing enrollment, selling tickets, or introducing your organization to the public, your efforts must captivate! Our work on behalf of our clients arrests, informs, educates, and inspires.

  • Digital Strategy
  • Annual Reports
  • Fundraising Campaign Communications
  • Board Training
  • Communications Planning
  • Blog-Writing Workshops
  • More

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