Stanford Humanities Center

“Think of It This Way” challenges us to consider diverse perspectives for understanding our world. The campaign’s visual elements, like overlapping geometric shapes, symbolize the synthesis of ideas and viewpoints.

University of British Columbia

Though their donor types are quite varied, we helped the Faculty develop on-strategy campaign materials including a website, case for support brochure, and moving video, to impress upon their donors the urgency of the matter.

Are You Ready for a Coach?

Are You Ready for a Coach? 11 Questions to Ask

If you’ve ever wondered whether you’d benefit from having a coach champion your life, leadership and career goals you’re not alone. While some people think of coaches as a luxury, hired only by high-powered executives in corporations and Silicon Valley, the reality is that if you work in the nonprofit, foundation or education sectors you’ll

Are You Ready to Lead the Bold Change You Asked For?

Many paths lead nonprofit and school leaders to undertake big strategic and creative work. Sometimes it’s a capital campaign, other times it’s in response to enrollment trends, or just that it’s “time” to do a new strategic plan. But the most exciting opportunities are the ones where organization leaders see a refreshed brand, visionary strategic