Are Your Messages Right for Right Now?

Times are changing—rapidly! Are your messages keeping up? The echoes of COVID-19 still linger, the ongoing nationwide reckoning with racism pushes forward, and American politics invite weekly whiplash. Not to mention the number of people changing jobs and cities, resulting in organizational changes whether you want them or not. No matter your organization’s mission, the

Out-Of-Office Emails That Are On-Brand

With Thanksgiving and Winter Break around the corner, your out-of-office email is one simple yet powerful touch-point you can take advantage of to communicate your organization’s brand and values. When we think about where or how we can activate our brand, we often first look towards our formal communications, digital platforms, and fundraising events. But

What’s So Special About You?

In my town, we have a coalition called Community Organizations Active in Disaster. It’s a group of nonprofit and government organizations that is incredibly helpful as we navigate earthquakes, wildfires and, sadly, shootings. It works because each agency knows what makes them different from the others, so when disaster strikes they each have a specific

7 Questions To Make Your Messaging More Inclusive

If your organization has made the serious and authentic commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, it’s time to make sure your communications reflect your mission, vision, and values—and your understanding of the work ahead. Yet it’s not uncommon for even the most committed and well-intentioned communicator to inadvertently reinforce negative stereotypes that perpetuate racism, exclusion,