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Zack Kushner

Zack Kushner

Senior Strategist

Senior Strategist Zack Kushner is an expert in developing branding, messaging, and strategy to broadcast grantee successes, foster collaboration, and advance high-level objectives. He takes deep pleasure in communicating complex concepts in ways that spark lasting engagement. His Mission Minded clients include Stanford Humanities Center, Oakland Museum of California, and the Walter & Elise Haas Fund.

When he’s not crafting the perfect soundbite, Zack has volunteered as a writing tutor, worked to increase government accountability, and helped settle new immigrants.

Beyond Mission Minded, Zack’s has blogged for MSN, crafted marketing materials for the San Francisco Symphony, published a Sunday crossword in The New York Times, and won a SOLAS Award for funniest travel article. You can read more about Zack here.