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Zach Hochstadt

Founding Partner & Creative Director

510-435-5984  | 

As Co-Founder and Creative Director, Zach Hochstadt challenges teams and clients to break the mold. With over 20 years of experience, he has worked with numerous nonprofit leaders to craft unique and inspired brands. His extensive experience includes partnerships with foundations, arts organizations, academic institutions, environmental groups, social justice causes, and Jewish communal organizations. Zach is also a fundraising expert, having led campaigns that collectively raised over $100M.

Before co-founding Mission Minded, Zach held roles at the American Red Cross and served clients such as the Kaiser Family Foundation and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation in agency creative positions.

Zach has played a founding role in multiple nonprofit organizations, including Oregon Hillel, Bay Area Disc Association, and Levitt Pavilion Denver. In 2014, Mayor Hancock appointed him to the Denver Preschool Program board of directors, where he served as board chair during the COVID pandemic, releasing emergency funding for early childhood providers when they needed it most.