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Jonathan Hinman

Video Director & Producer

Jonathan Hinman directs Mission Minded’s video work for clients. For nearly three decades, he has produced commercials and videos that tell stories in irresistible ways.

As executive producer and partner at Phoenix Editorial and Bonfire Labs in San Francisco, Jonathan spent nearly 20 years producing award-winning commercials broadcast around the world in Super Bowls and World Cups, and ground-breaking videos for some of the world’s greatest brands including Apple, Microsoft, Yahoo, and Audi. He produced the original product launch videos for Apple’s iPhone, Microsoft’s Silverlight and Adobe’s Creative Suites. In addition to producing and directing, Jonathan has won multiple international awards for his commercial and video editing.

Driven by the conviction that nonprofits and schools should be able to create the same powerful emotional connections using video as advertisers do for luxury cars and toothpaste, Jonathan brings his experience and talent to organizations that want their stories told in a way that makes audiences sit up and take notice. Because when nonprofits have access to great storytelling talent, the results make people act, not just think.

Originally from Ohio, Jonathan studied international relations at Tufts, has lived in France and Budapest, and has climbed some of the highest peaks in Alaska and South America. He now makes his home in the San Francisco Bay area where you’ll often find him playing soccer, contemplating foreign policy, dominating at charades, and marveling at his daughter’s creativity, collectedness, and knack for knowing where everything is in the house, at all times.