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Heidi Overbeck

Heidi Overbeck

Senior Strategist

As a Senior Strategist, Heidi specializes in strategic planning, evaluation, and narrative strategy for mission-driven organizations. Informed by 20 years of experience in advancing social causes, Heidi has developed a strong ability to bring diverse audiences together around shared goals and values.

Heidi combines her expertise in communications and personal passions as a board member for Mighty Earth, a volunteer teacher at her children’s school, and a speaker on the importance of building familiarity to propel public support on social issues.

Prior to Mission Minded, Heidi was Chief Strategy Officer at the Gill Foundation, where she led grantmaking strategies to secure LGBTQ rights. Previously, Heidi led sophisticated communications campaigns for clients at the forefront of environmental sustainability, social justice, public health, and political inclusion.

You can read more about Heidi here.