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Esha Menon

Associate Director of Growth & Client Success

408-429-0928  | 

As the Associate Director of Growth and Client Success, Esha plays a key role in driving financial growth by ensuring our clients are happy through strong, long-term partnerships. She’s also committed to incorporating DEI principles into all aspects of work to better serve both our clients and our team.

Before joining Mission Minded, Esha was active in the nonprofit sector, where she worked on economic policy research, equitable transportation initiatives, and community organizations to support multilingual learners find their career path.

Outside of Mission Minded, Esha doesn’t slow down. She’s passionate about advocating for progressive initiatives locally, and she’s a big supporter of animal rescue groups worldwide. She’s also no stranger to the front lines–organizing rallies for immigration reform, affordable healthcare policies, and fair school funding. You can read more about Esha here.