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Esha Menon

Associate Director of Growth & Client Success

408-429-0928  | 

Esha is the linchpin between prospective clients and the transformative strategies that elevate their missions. Esha thrives at communicating the value of a strong brand to hundreds of do-gooder organizations every year.

Esha’s primary focus is guiding clients through the myriad of services we offer, helping them understand the benefits of each. Her commitment to client success extends beyond these initial interactions; Esha plays a pivotal role in shaping our holistic client experience, ensuring it is infused with principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion at every step.

Outside of her work, Esha channels her passion for change into advocating for social justice initiatives and supporting animal rescue groups worldwide. She’s also a familiar face on the front lines for good causes, rallying for critical issues such as immigration reform, affordable healthcare, and fair school funding.