Out-Of-Office Emails That Are On-Brand

With Thanksgiving and Winter Break around the corner, your out-of-office email is one simple yet powerful touch-point you can take advantage of to communicate your organization’s brand and values.

When we think about where or how we can activate our brand, we often first look towards our formal communications, digital platforms, and fundraising events. But your brand—your reputation—is the sum of all that you say and do, big and small. The small signals, like your out-of-office email, matter too as they could be someone’s first impression of your organization.

I have the privilege to work with a return client who mentioned, “I still remember your team’s out-of-office emails from our first engagement. Every OOO email I have written since has connected back to our values.”

Here are a few excellent out-of-office emails my colleagues have drafted:

  • Thank you for your message! Two of our values at Mission Minded are to Live Fully and Stay Curious. In the spirit of these values, I will be taking time off from 9/5 – 9/16 to spend time with loved ones and experience new things. I look forward to connecting with you upon my return and hope this summer has allowed you time to live your values.
  • Two of our values at Mission Minded are to Invite Perspectives and to Live Fully. With a growing team and safer opportunities to get together, we’re excited to be heading into a week-long staff retreat to learn more about one another and our work.
  • (From 2020) As the year ends, I’m immensely grateful for extraordinarily talented colleagues, steadfast partners, and the opportunity to serve some of the most meaningful organizations in the world. I also appreciate the opportunity to live our values at Mission Minded, including the values of “Live Fully” and “Stay Curious.” With those values in mind, Mission Minded will be closed until January 3rd, and I’ll be off on whatever adventures I can safely pursue from my bubble. Wishing you health and normalcy in 2021.

Now it’s your turn. Is one of your values about celebrating individuality? Share how your time away will grow you as an individual. Is your brand positioning centered on your lasting community impact? Share how your time out will strengthen you to continue your organization’s great work. Also, consider your brand personality—if one of your personality traits is “joyful,” make sure your tone reflects that!

Thank you for your email! Mission Minded is closed for Thanksgiving. We are committed to Amplify the Good, and I am currently busy doing so as I gather with friends and family to reflect on all I am thankful for this past year. I look forward to connecting with you when I return on November 28th.

That last one is my next out-of-office email. What will yours be?