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New Head of School?

Posted by on June 22nd, 2022
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Being a new head of school is exciting, and it can also come with a set of challenges.

From trying to fill the old head’s shoes, to being unclear about your leadership style, it’s easy to inadvertently miss opportunities that set you up for success.

Read our latest free guide here: New Head of School? 8 Pitfalls to Avoid (and How to Avoid Them.)

For additional support, many heads work with a professional coach who serves as a skilled champion to help them navigate the pitfalls and opportunities of school leadership. This investment pays off in professional development, and also helps fill the void many heads feel from being in a uniquely isolated position. In addition, working with a coach helps ensure you define and set the healthy boundaries that lead to success. A coach both backs you up, and provides a private, safe space to explore various  approaches to seizing every opportunity for you and your school.

Jennie Winton is a certified coach, co-founder of independent school strategy firm Mission Minded, an independent school parent, and a believer that you can have more impact and more fun when your values are practically applied in your everyday work as a leader.

Learn more about how coaching can help you address challenges with confidence and balance here. And don’t miss this free guide for new heads here.


Director of Education Strategy Romayne Levee leads our education practice, working with independent schools and educational organizations to raise their profiles with strategies that benefit school leaders and their communities immeasurably. She has developed dynamic strategic plans and brand strategies for Mission Minded clients from coast to coast, including San Francisco Day School, Friends School of Baltimore, and Marlborough School (LA). Romayne is the founding Board Chair of Vistamar School, an independent high school in LA, and currently serves on the Board of Lewis & Clark College.

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