Mission Minded’s Brand Evolution Elevates Bold Ideas That Meet This Moment

Mission Minded’s brand is evolving because we know that boldness and intentionality will inspire your audiences to act. So we’re elevating audacious ideas in the nonprofit and education sectors that disrupt complacency and get results.

Elevated Strategy & Creative

Over twenty years ago, we launched Mission Minded and blazed the trail for nonprofit and education leaders like you to leverage branding, sharp messaging, engaging creative, and smart communications to make greater mission impact.

Then we expanded our geographic reach so even more of you could benefit from our branding expertise. We extended our partnerships into the education world. We saw that you and your organization could be even more successful if you created visionary strategic plans to deliver on your brand, so we broke the mold on what a strategic plan should do. And we also added leadership coaching to help you confidently lead (and enjoy it more).

In short, we evolved from just delivering powerful brands and campaign tools to partnering deeply with our clients to reach our vision that the organizations and people that make our world better have what they need to succeed. 

And then we realized that the challenge you come to Mission Minded to help you solve is one we now had ourselves: our brand — our reputation — was no longer in step with our vision or impact. 

Audacious Ideas That Get Results

So Mission Minded’s brand has evolved to reflect who we are today:

Mission Minded is a strategy and creative firm that helps good causes have greater impact.

We believe the organizations that make our world better need to be unapologetically bold.

Every day, we ask “what if?” — unlocking new ways to fire up your supporters.

Because when your community is united by magnetic ideas, they’ll stop at nothing to help you achieve extraordinary results.

This bigger, bolder idea about Mission Minded is reflected in our new logo, visual identity, and website. You’ll also see more thought-provoking content and resources that spotlight trends, challenges, and opportunities for you to use to your advantage.

Here’s what stays constant about your team at Mission Minded:

  • Our focus on the organizations that make the world better — nonprofits, foundations, schools, colleges, and universities.
  • Our tagline remains Amplify the Good. It communicates our heart, our purpose, and our invitation to collaborate for greater impact.
  • Our holistic package of strategy and creative services designed to align your organization so that you can easily move forward with greater focus and impact.
  • Our prioritization of diversity, equity, and inclusion in our values and culture, as well as in the recommendations we make and work we deliver.

Don’t Settle for Generic Solutions

Our promise: Every experience you have with Mission Minded reinforces our elevated ideals of firing you up to drive more mission impact. 

You need a partner who will help you challenge the status quo. Who will work with you to create an extraordinary strategy with an end-result that looks, sounds, and feels different from the rest. That’s the way to move past incremental change and instead springboard to your next version of greatness.

We can’t wait to help ignite your impact. Let’s talk!

Jennie Winton & Zach Hochstadt

Co-Founders, Mission Minded