Monthly Maintenance Retainer Agreement

We are delighted to continue serving you through the maintenance of your website.

This form acknowledges that your website maintenance will be billed monthly and outlines terms and conditions for this work.

We look forward to being part of your continued success and thank you once again for the opportunity to serve you.

  • Terms and Rate

    THIS INDEPENDENT SERVICES AGREEMENT (“Agreement”), made effective 06/20/2024 (the “Effective Date”) is between the “Client” (defined above) its successors or assigns and Mission Minded, Inc., a California corporation (“Mission Minded”).

    1. Contact Information

    Defined above.

    2. Scope of Work

    Description of Work: With this retainer agreement, Client will receive a monthly allowance of 3 hours for web maintenance services for the “Website” (defined above). These services will include:

    • Site diagnostics: Mission Minded will check for new WordPress updates, plugin updates, bug fixes, and anything else that requires maintenance. Mission Minded will proactively identify issues and share a recommended maintenance plan with the Client monthly. Should the recommendations fall within the retainer hours, Mission Minded will proceed with fixes without Client’s approval. If the recommendations exceed these hours, Mission Minded will seek Client’s approval before proceeding.
    • Ad-hoc maintenance requests: Client will receive priority throughout the month when making maintenance requests. Please note that any hours not used for diagnostic fixes can and will be applied to maintenance requests. All additional hours will be billed in addition.
    • Special or urgent requests: Client will receive priority for any additional web support, coaching, or urgent web project that are requested that fall beyond the monthly retainer hours. For urgent requests, please provide Mission Minded with a minimum of five working days notice to accommodate Client’s needs.

    Project Schedule: The agreement will remain active until Client provides a written 30 day notice to cancel this agreement. Mission Minded will continue to provide web maintenance services through the month of the requested cancellation and invoice for such services as final payment.

    Working Relationship: Client Contact Person named above will be Mission Minded’s primary contact for coordinating suggested work identified during monthly diagnostics. Ad Hoc tasks and special/urgent requests should be requested through the maintenance form on Mission Minded’s website. Mission Minded’s developers will follow up with the Contact Person if there is no task-specific contact person named in the form.

    3. FEES

    Compensation and Payment Schedule: The site maintenance fees will be $750/month and billed monthly. Any additional hours beyond the monthly retainer (3 hours) will be billed at $250/hour, billed in 15-minute increments. Should client requests exceed the retainer hours (3), clients will be notified in advance of any overages once they exceed 5 hours in a given month.

    Accounts Receivable: Payments should be made via ACH (Automated Clearing House) payment links provided on your monthly invoices. Payment is due upon receipt and is subject to a 1.5% late fee, per month, of the total amount after 30 days.