Strategic Budgeting Is the Missing Piece to Your Organization’s Success

Investing in a transformative strategic engagement stretches the resources of most nonprofits, foundations, and education institutions. A refresh of your brand strategy, embarking on a new strategic plan, or a major fundraising campaign happens at most twice a decade. 

Here are a few ways we’ve seen nonprofit and school leaders shift their mindsets around budgeting to deliver on the transformative promise of their strategic engagement with Mission Minded.

Seize the Moment: Why Now Is the Right Time to Craft Your Bold Strategic Plan

a woman in a head wrap wearing glasses holds a paper while speaking to another person

Your organization has never had a better time to harness this collective interest in bold social change.

Your stakeholders are primed to roll up their sleeves to help you foster lasting impact, but how can a strategic plan work to your advantage? Here are three extraordinary outcomes we’re watching schools and nonprofits accomplish through strategic planning.