Hazards Ahead: How to Help Your School Succeed in 2024

At Mission Minded, we partner with independent schools of all kinds and sizes across the country to boldly elevate their reach and impact. And we’re seeing some trends. With our focus on strategic plans that set bold intentions for a school community + messaging, brand, admissions, and capital campaigns that inspire families, we see themes

Engage Your Next Donor Generation: A Meaningful Connection Strategy

No matter what your organization’s mission is—community health, post-secondary access, art expansion, food distribution, whole child education, etc.—there is a shared challenge you and other organizations must solve: How to inspire and attract a new generation of donors to your cause. For many of our nonprofit partners, their aging donor base is disappearing—and younger donors

Create Active Values to Inspire Action

Lukewarm, disengaged, uninspired. This is not how you want people to feel about your organization’s values. Many nonprofits, schools, and foundations use a set of single words to express their values. But while words like respect, transparency, and innovation may be ‘accurate,’ these singular words can lack individuality, impact, or definition. They can also unintentionally