Simple site architecture, inclusive easy-to-understand language, and a dynamic new visual identity and graphics guide users to embrace a new future for themselves.

Marin Agricultural Land Trust

A customizable mapping tool connects the dots for users to better understand the stories behind the lands that have been protected.

Carolina Friends School

Being bold comes with risks. Striking design and engaging content might attract attention, but could it also open the school up to criticism?

Georgetown Preparatory School

Expressive imagery and voice-over narration in the campaign video captured the gravitas of the 200-year-old institution while giving a heroic voice to those who would ensure its future.

Evident Change

To translate the brand from features-focused to benefits-driven position we partnered with their leaders to create a new name.

Flint Hill

Flint Hill’s new logo and visual identity system embody the school’s curious and innovative nature.

Chatham Hall

Our collaboration on visual identity and an admissions campaign provided Chatham Hall with new ways to clearly communicate their powerful outcomes to prospective families.

Children’s Museum of Denver

Based on deep strategic insights about their impact, audience mindset, and yes, competition,  we designed a logo that uses a tangram to emphasize the spirit of adventure and the journey of childhood.

Curtis School

“Always Begin with the Child” emerged as Curtis School’s guiding mantra, shaping every decision, lesson, and policy to prioritize students’ well-being and growth.

California ChangeLawyers

We co-created a bold new name, indeed a new word – California ChangeLawyers  – breaking new ground and positioning them as social justice leaders.