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How To Turn A New Brand Into a Fresh Admissions Campaign

Being crystal clear on the brand of your school—that single big, differentiating idea that you want to be known by—is how smart schools create an admissions campaign that excites everyone from faculty to would-be families. No longer just a printed view book, today’s admissions campaigns include a well-conceived suite of communications that powerfully signal to students and their families what’s truly special about a school. The best admissions tools give prospective families a peek at the experience of being a part of the school community. What does your school, and yours alone, offer your... +Read More

Writing for the Web—How to Get it Right

One of the most rewarding parts of executing a new brand is rolling out a new website. Seeing your organization’s colors, imagery, and messaging come together for the first time in a dynamic new site is exciting. Our clients always look forward to this important milestone (and so do we!). Creating a new website takes work. It requires careful attention to your newly adopted brand guidelines. And this goes beyond the visual elements of your new brand. If you lose sight of your new communications goals, you run the risk of ending up right back where you started—talking about your organization... +Read More

A Graceful Exit: How One Foundation Approached Sunsetting a Successful Initiative

If you are a foundation planning to phase out an initiative, knowing how to leave grantees—and the larger community—feeling ignited rather than deflated is probably on your mind. You’ve spent the last several years investing in and coaching your grantees, and it’s time to transition the leadership and let the grantees take the reins. How can you support them, celebrate their successes, and encourage others to join your cause? These were the questions Blue Shield Against Violence, a program of the Blue Shield of California Foundation, faced last year at the end of their wildly successful... +Read More

Who’s Responsible for Your Organization’s Brand?

For years we have told our clients that brand is just another word for reputation. And your organization has one, whether or not you know it or work on it. What makes up your reputation? It’s comprised of how you look, how you sound, what you do, and how you act. Put bluntly: Everyone at your organization and everything they do affects your reputation—your brand. And that means that brand is everyone’s responsibility. Imagine you work for an organization that delivers meals to home-bound elderly people. Let’s call it WheelyMeals. Your team knows that being successful relies upon protecting... +Read More

13 Reasons Your Nonprofit Might Need To Update Its Brand

We get calls from nonprofits, foundations, and independent schools eager to address communication challenges of every kind. Some recognize that an unclear brand is at the center of their issues, and others haven’t given the idea of brand much thought at all. Regardless of the communications challenges at your organization, having a stronger brand is likely an important part of the solution. Below are the 13 most common reasons nonprofits ultimately decide they need to rebrand. Do any of these scenarios feel familiar to you and your organization? Our organization gets confused with others... +Read More