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How Two Schools Increased Applications and Yield Through Branding

If you know what makes your school special, but struggle to put it into words, you’re not alone. Maybe it’s easy for you, but you notice that none of your colleagues describe your school in quite the same way as you do. When everyone describes your school in whatever haphazard way strikes them in the moment, you miss the chance to establish a clear, succinct brand. Most importantly, you are likely missing the chance to differentiate yourself from other schools. For your school to shine, your faculty, staff, trustees, and volunteer leaders need to be in lock-step about the single big idea for... +Read More

InspirED Podcast: Independent School Branding Illuminated

I was recently invited to InspirED’s Sparkcast Podcast to chat about independent school branding, and the impact it can have on your school’s enrollment and development efforts. Have a listen! What You’ll Learn How and why Mission Minded recently helped SSATB successfully rebrand itself into The Enrollment Management Association. What brand is in relation to independent schools, and how a strong one can make marketing and communications focused, easier, and more effective. The best time to embark on brand development, and how often your brand changes. How great branding gives the... +Read More

How to Maintain Your Brand in a Video Conference Call

Recently one of our clients, the executive director of a large membership organization, asked an important question: How do I conduct video conference calls from my home-office in a way that will reflect the brand of our organization and the authority of my position? This is a question most of us will face at one point or another. Whether it’s a meeting with your team or a conversation with an important stakeholder, we all need to be prepared to represent our organizations well on a video conference call. Let brand be your guide. Then ask yourself two questions: What are the things that will... +Read More

The Big Three: Meet Your Year-End Giving Goals

The year is coming to a close. Right on schedule, you begin sending final year-end giving solicitations to your donor base. The money starts pouring in. Your donors tell you they feel more connected to your cause than ever. You’re thrilled. Your board is thrilled. Congratulations. Sounds perfect, right? We all know it’s not that simple. You’re not the only one reaching out to your donors with year-end giving appeals. And with an onslaught of emails and phone calls from organizations, your donors may be feeling fatigued by being solicited constantly. How do you make sure your communications... +Read More

Rebrand, Rename, Celebrate: 5 Tips For Your Launch

You’ve come a long way since you first realized your organization needed a rebrand. At first, you thought strategically about your brand and values. Then you embarked on changing your name to something that reflects them. You involved your colleagues, stakeholders, and board members appropriately. Heck, you even invited some of them to your brainstorming sessions. You narrowed down to a few names that felt right and finally selected the best one. It was scary. At first you just tolerated your new name, then you freaked out and hated it, then you couldn’t imagine your organization being... +Read More