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Are Stories Authentic If You Memorize Them?

You may get pushback from some of your colleagues when you ask them to take up the discipline of strategic storytelling. At Mission Minded we counsel our clients to craft, tell and retell stories as a way of inspiring belief in the value and impact of their work. We have a formula for it that you can read more about here. People sometimes say that memorizing good stories just for the sake of sharing it with prospective supporters seems inauthentic. Yet, everyone loves to hear a good story. And we’re likely, as social animals, to retell stories we find interesting, even if we didn’t witness... +Read More

Learn Something New, Even Though School is Out

Summer brings the quiet of an empty campus and the focus you need to get through your backlog of emails and articles. Not only is this a time for productivity, it’s also the perfect opportunity to learn something new to help you communicate even more effectively at your school. Why not join the Mission Minded team at some of the upcoming trainings and workshops we have coming up this summer? You’ll get a chance to make connections, discover new ways to market your school, and meet us in person! Never just a lecture, each of our lively workshops instills the energy and confidence you need to... +Read More

Announcing Your Nonprofit’s New Name: How To Do It Right

You know your organization’s name isn’t doing you justice. Maybe it’s too long, too literal, or too abstract. And you’re ready to make the leap and change it. Be prepared: Changing your name can be difficult. Even the smoothest renaming efforts have harrowing moments. But if your organization has first thought strategically about your brand strategy, you can end up with a moniker that serves you well, and that offers the opportunity to re-introduce your work to the world. Naming is hard work, and the work continues as you build support for your new name rolling it out to your audiences. How... +Read More

School’s Out—But You Should Be In

Ahhh. Admissions season is over, summer is nigh, and it’s time to recharge before the fall frenzy starts up again. Before you take out the margarita glasses, Mission Minded is here with a suggestion that you’ll thank us for later (though you might not feel too fondly towards us in the next few paragraphs): You need to get started on your next admissions communication materials very, very soon. Preferably now. We counsel our school clients to plan more than a year in advance of the admission season for which they want new materials. That means starting now on a new campaign for Fall 2019.... +Read More

What’s the difference between data and information?

The other day, Jennie and I received a letter from the U.S. Department of Commerce. The letter requested that we help with the 2017 Economic Census by participating in a survey. And it included this fun fact: “We estimate this survey will take on average between 42 minutes and 5 hours 36 minutes to complete.” This sparked a couple of thoughts for us. The letter is weirdly specific with the amount of time the survey could take. The phrases “we estimate” and “on average” usually aren’t used in association with such oddly specific data. And most... +Read More