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School Branding at its Best: Where Intellect and Imagination are Intertwined

What makes San Francisco Day School different from other K-8 schools in San Francisco? It’s the place where intellect and imagination are intertwined every day. So students light up with the call and capacity to take on the complexities of their day and of a diverse world. Working with the school’s leadership to develop a new brand strategy, visual identity, and admissions campaign proved the claim: from the top down everyone at this school was committed to imagining a new way of portraying its magic in smart and creative ways. Look for our blog post later this summer on our school branding... +Read More

The Best Email Solicitation I Ever Read

I wrote this post six years ago and it contains relevant information today.  Whether you send emails to ask for financial support, volunteers, or to encourage action and engagement, apply the six lessons at the end of this post to ensure what you write is something people actually want to read. -Jennie Winton At Mission Minded we’re in the business of helping our clients choose the words and phrases to capture the heart and intellect of their most important supporters. So when I read a recent email solicitation sent to my personal email account from the executive director of My New Red Shoes... +Read More

Going Small Can Pay Off Big: 3 Simple Steps for Your Social Media Campaign

While the importance of having a social media presence is relatively well understood, pinpointing the how, where, how much, why, and for whom can be paralyzing for small nonprofit organizations and school communications teams strapped for resources and time. At Mission Minded, we see this all too often, which is why we’ve developed a simple and effective approach to making sure your social media campaigns work for your organization.   But before we dive into the formula, let’s first agree on the why. According to the 2018 Global NGO Technology Report, 95% of non-governmental organizations... +Read More

How Your Brand Can Get Stronger Over Time

Many people think that the most important part of branding is designing the logo. They’re wrong. While a great visual identity, including a logo, is an essential part of a strong brand, great design, on its own, doesn’t create your brand. Nor does an evocative name, a pithy message, or an exquisitely told story. Every day at Mission Minded we create all of these things on behalf of our clients: messages, names, taglines, logos, visual identities, websites, and videos. So how can I claim these aren’t the most important parts of branding? Because great brands are built over time. Yes, they are... +Read More

Amplify The Year: 5 Inspiring Messages

Let’s be honest. It’s been a difficult year, especially since our brand promise is to amplify the good. This year, we’ve avoided letting ourselves get buried in how things got this way. Instead, we’ve re-focused on how to make things better the best way we know how – through a clear, positive brand strategy. For Mission Minded clients, this includes a powerful One Minute Message. What’s a One Minute Message? You’ve probably heard the term “elevator pitch.” It’s the message you would share if you only had an elevator ride’s duration to convince someone to love your idea. That’s what a... +Read More