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Amplify The Year: 5 Inspiring Messages

Let’s be honest. It’s been a difficult year, especially since our brand promise is to amplify the good. This year, we’ve avoided letting ourselves get buried in how things got this way. Instead, we’ve re-focused on how to make things better the best way we know how – through a clear, positive brand strategy. For Mission Minded clients, this includes a powerful One Minute Message. What’s a One Minute Message? You’ve probably heard the term “elevator pitch.” It’s the message you would share if you only had an elevator ride’s duration to convince someone to love your idea. That’s what a... +Read More

How Brand Powers Your Employee Retention & Acquisition Prowess

We’re fortunate to be working in a time of low unemployment. The challenge of this encouraging news is that employee retention and acquisition is on the minds of many nonprofits. We want to find – and keep – great employees. Have you thought about the role brand plays in this challenge? Smart nonprofits do. Employee Acquisition Brand is a powerful acquisition tool. Many of our clients include “potential employees” among their most important stakeholders when developing their brand strategy. When a potential new hire notices you and your colleagues consistently articulating what you stand for... +Read More

Make Your Brand Values Active!

Lukewarm, generic, uninspiring—these words should never describe your brand values. Yet, many nonprofit organizations continue to use solitary words as their values. It’s tempting to follow suit because, by definition, words like respect, transparent, and honest provide a solid foundation for your organization. Yet, solitary words as brand values often lack individuality and impact. They fail to do their job: to inspire your stakeholders. Values should be the principles upon which your organization makes decisions. AND, they should be memorable. When’s the last time Merriam-Webster’s... +Read More

In San Francisco for AFP? Don’t Miss These 5 Spots.

With the AFP International Fundraising Conference around the corner, I’ve been thinking about fun things you can do near the conference while you’re here. Many of us at Mission Minded live or grew up in San Francisco, so we each have our own favorite spots to enjoy downtown. I’ll be presenting a workshop on perfecting your organization’s messaging on Monday, May 1st, from 3:15 PM – 4:45 PM. It would be great to meet you there! Top 5 Within 5 Minutes of AFP SFMOMA The exquisite SFMOMA is one of the largest museums of modern and contemporary art in the world, with an... +Read More