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The Big Three: Meet Your Year-End Giving Goals

The year is coming to a close. Right on schedule, you begin sending final year-end giving solicitations to your donor base. The money starts pouring in. Your donors tell you they feel more connected to your cause than ever. You’re thrilled. Your board is thrilled. Congratulations. Sounds perfect, right? We all know it’s not that simple. You’re not the only one reaching out to your donors with year-end giving appeals. And with an onslaught of emails and phone calls from organizations, your donors may be feeling fatigued by being solicited constantly. How do you make sure your communications... +Read More

Rebrand, Rename, Celebrate: 5 Tips For Your Launch

You’ve come a long way since you first realized your organization needed a rebrand. At first, you thought strategically about your brand and values. Then you embarked on changing your name to something that reflects them. You involved your colleagues, stakeholders, and board members appropriately. Heck, you even invited some of them to your brainstorming sessions. You narrowed down to a few names that felt right and finally selected the best one. It was scary. At first you just tolerated your new name, then you freaked out and hated it, then you couldn’t imagine your organization being... +Read More

Office Design with Brand in Mind

What does your office design say about your organization? Your brand is much more than your logo or name, and it can’t be summed up through a clever tagline or single message. Your brand is bigger than all those things combined. As Scott Bedbury suggests in his book A New Brand World, “Your brand is the sum of the good, the bad, the ugly, and the off strategy.” So, if your brand is the summation of all experiences someone has with your organization, one key touch point is what it feels like to walk into one of your offices, facilities, campuses, or outposts. What are the environmental cues... +Read More

Your Organization’s Story: In Ten Minutes

“Tell me about your organization.” This command often strikes fear and freeze in the minds of nonprofit staff and board. Not quite sure how to summarize all the good done by their organization they begin a recitation of programs, facts and figures. Instead, we recommend your begin with a high-level overview—your One Minute Message—driven by a deeply held value of your organization. Next, you should introduce the problem you exist to solve—a Two Minute Message. And then you should share an anecdote—a Five Minute Message—that illustrates the impact of your work. Those programmatic details you... +Read More

Your Organization’s Story: In Five Minutes

With your One Minute Message and your Two Minute Messages developed, you’re well prepared to give an arresting introduction and explain why your organization is needed. Used effectively, these messages give you a greater chance at keeping your listener interested. Now it’s time to paint a picture of the impact of your work. What happens as a result of your efforts? Many nonprofits see the right answer to this question as an invitation to spew facts, figures, and statistics. It’s been said before that a pie chart never made anyone march on Washington, and a statistic never made anyone cry. We... +Read More