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What We’re Thankful for This Year

With 2014 coming to a close, we thought you’d enjoy these reflections on how our colleagues and clients inspired us this year and why these experiences make us feel grateful. What’s best about working at Mission Minded? On a daily basis, we witness the passion, dedication, and hard work that drives others to make a difference in our world. Read on for thoughts from our team, and ask yourself what makes you feel grateful in your own work. Jennie: I’ve been struck this year by how many of our clients are serving people many of us never see, or maybe even choose not... +Read More

Aaron Rosenthal

Making the Most of Your Engagement with Mission Minded

The author is the Marketing and Communications Manager of Mission Minded client, Children’s Council of San Francisco. From the spring of 2013, when we began our branding engagement, through June of 2014, when we launched our new web site, a group of us at Children’s Council of San Francisco got to know our colleagues at Mission Minded quite well. And Children’s Council derived a number of benefits from that work. We have a clear sense of who we are and the reputation we are committed to building. We know how to describe the impact of our work (cool!) instead of bogging it down... +Read More

Show Me What You’re Talking About: The Power of Visual Language

Recently, I attended a forum on education. I rose early, drove to the elegant downtown ballroom, poured myself a coffee with cream and two sugars, and took my seat, ready to listen. The session began, and eight superintendents representing urban, suburban, and rural districts responded to questions about the state of education in their districts, considering questions about testing, autonomy, compensation, and a range of other topics. While many important subjects were covered, a few hours later I found that it was difficult to recall anything specific any of the speakers had said. Sitting at... +Read More

Cold Feet About Renaming? 6 hard-won naming insights from other nonprofits that will warm you up.

Not every nonprofit that refreshes its brand needs a name change. In fact, we typically counsel our clients to lean against changing their name. Even if it isn’t a great name, it likely has meaning for many of your constituents, and that’s valuable for you. But some nonprofits have reached an important moment in their life cycle when they realize the name they have is no longer serving the best interest of the organization, nor its brand. If your organization would benefit from a better name, actually changing it can feel overwhelming. Read on to discover some of the valuable lessons our... +Read More

9 Mistakes Your Independent School Can Avoid This Admissions Season

Knowing how to create a great admissions experience can be tricky. You want to attract new families to your school, yet you know your school isn’t right for everyone. You want to communicate powerfully, but you don’t want to waste money on printing materials that no one ever reads. You want campus visits to provide an insider’s view, but may not be sure where to focus. If you’re under time and budget constraints to you keep things moving, you may make improvements to your admissions communications where you can, but stick to the basic approach year after year. This can lead to... +Read More

Your Brand is a Shortcut. Where Does it Lead?

Strong brands lead to desired interactions. They quickly attract the audiences who align with their values, appreciate what the brands offer, and support the organizations with their resources. Does your organization’s brand offer your audiences a clear shortcut to the action you want them to take? If not, it’s time to reassess your brand strategy. Here’s why: your organization’s brand offers your target audiences a shortcut for (1) understanding who you are and what value they might derive from engaging with you, and then (2) acting accordingly. One year ago, powerful storms swamped... +Read More