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Jennie Winton, Founding Partner & Impact Coach

Coaching For Impact

Amplify You

People like you who work to make our world better often feel burned out, disconnected from your values, or wonder how to amplify your impact. It’s also common to feel unfulfilled despite looking like you have it all. Every day I help people reconnect to their values and discover fresh, creative possibilities for a meaningful life well lived. Because high-impact people do their best when doubt and stress are replaced by focus, passion and joy. 



Some people are clear what they want, and seek coaching to help them achieve it. Others are unclear what would make them happier and more effective. For many the fear of change has them blocked.

If you’re ready to reach a higher level of impact our work together will help you carve out time to think deeply about your options, overcome obstacles, and take new action.

Some of the Issues You Can Resolve Through Our Work Together:

  • Renew your enthusiasm for your current job
  • Set and reach a higher bar for your professional impact
  • Become a more effective team member or leader
  • Determine your next career move
  • Identify what values truly matter to you, and how to align with them, professionally and personally
  • Create more peace and balance in your life
  • Uncover and resolve fears and blocks holding you back
  • Find out what you want next out of life
  • Overcome the feeling that something is missing, despite much success
  • Find or renew your commitment to your life’s purpose
  • Create better work and health habits
  • Identify your natural talents and new career possibilities
  • Translate your parenting and volunteer skill into a career
  • Set and reach a higher bar for your personal satisfaction
  • Set and achieve social, health, and happiness goals

Client Testimonials

“I love how you’re empowering me to see new possibilities for my life.”

-Karen as Admissions Director and Co-Head of K-8 Independent School

“It’s remarkable how many big and powerful shifts you helped me make in a short amount of time. And I really felt like you were in it with me, always on my side.”

-Kris as Executive Director at a national educational access and equity organization

How to Get Started

To arrange a free exploratory session to learn more about how impact coaching can help you email Jennie Winton jennie@Mission-Minded.com

About Me

As the co-founder of a highly successful brand strategy agency for nonprofits, foundations and independent schools I understand the unique issues facing people who work and volunteer for causes and missions they care about, how draining it can be to serve so many stakeholders at one time, and how important it is to ensure you are living in a values-aligned way and truly making a difference.

And as a working parent I know how hard it can be to serve a cause, your family and yourself while staying sane and healthy. So each year I coach a limited number of values-driven people who want to have greater impact in their life through their work, volunteering, and families, getting them refocused and fired up about what’s possible. What would you love to change about your life that would make everything else more satisfying?