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Product Development Internship

Help a Social Benefit Company Develop a New Line of Service

Mission Minded seeks a business school intern consulting individual or team to help us develop our next profit center.

For almost 20 years Mission Minded has helped some of the nation’s leading nonprofits more effectively clarify and communicate their brands, which enables them to raise more money, bring in more volunteers, and achieve their mission. As one of the nation’s leading branding firms dedicated exclusively to serving the nonprofit market, our top-notch consultants deliver brilliant results on behalf of our clients.

We now seek to translate our knowledge into a subscription-based learning tool. Doing so will enable us to broaden our impact by enabling thousands of nonprofits who may otherwise be unable to afford our services to have access to our knowledge and process. We believe that such a system also has the potential to generate significant revenue for the company.

We seek a team that can conduct a market analysis, develop pricing models, and lead the development of the initial prototype. Mission Minded has already developed an initial business plan, and your work will help validate or challenge our assumptions. We have also licensed an LMS (Learning Management System), so this is not, primarily, a technical challenge. Rather we seek students who are ready to put their business, marketing and financial analysis skills to the test while also demonstrating the necessary project management chops to help us develop our first prototype.

We look forward to having you join our team for this paid internship in the fall. Help us Amplify the Good!

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Please send cover letter and resume via email.

About Mission Minded

Mission Minded hires people who are adept at unearthing a great idea and then working diligently to make it even better. We’re looking for people who are as passionate about making a positive difference in our world as they are about strategic communications, flawless work, and excellent customer service. We are a group of diverse perspectives and voices who bring our heads and hearts to work every day.