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Three Mission Minded-Designed Websites Launched

Posted by on August 7th, 2012
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We’re proud to announce the recent launch of three websites designed by Mission Minded!

SFMade is a nonprofit dedicated to the development and sustainability of San Francisco’s own manufacturing sector. The new website includes a bright, clean, and easy-to-navigate user interface that uses contemporary colors and fonts to help communicate: “Yes! We still make things right here in San Francisco.”

SFMade’s redesigned website also offers an improved, Salesforce-integrated job listings page, where manufacturers and skilled artists can search for their next working partnerships.

OceanSpaces is an online database that brings people together who care about California’s marine ecosystems. Fishermen, policy-makers, scientists, and others can use OceanSpaces to connect with each other and find the information they need to contribute an informed voice in California’s ocean resource management decisions.

The look and feel of the OceanSpaces site communicates the depth and vibrancy of our ocean, while demonstrating the diversity of stakeholders interested in MPAs in the “featured members” column. The structure, colors, and layout offer a strong balance to the OceanSpaces logo, also created by the Mission Minded design team. OceanSpaces is currently in beta mode.

Jim Joseph Foundation is a philanthropic organization dedicated to a vibrant Jewish future. Every day, the Foundation seeks to foster Jewish educational experiences and opportunities for Jewish youth.

The Foundation’s new website design is welcoming, accessible, and makes it easy for users to navigate the site’s various resources. The site communicates the Foundation’s work and purpose immediately by giving prominence to the phrase: “Engaging, educating, and inspiring young Jewish minds.”

Congratulations to SFMade, OceanSpaces, and Jim Joseph Foundation!


Sandra Fernandez is a Mission Minded Strategist. She applies her creative and editorial skills, and her passion for socially-conscious causes, to assist organizations with social media development, copyediting, writing, research, and more.

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