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The O2 Sabbatical Award: Elevating leaders, lifting organizations

Posted by on June 20th, 2014
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What happens to a stellar nonprofit organization when its equally stellar executive director takes a three-month leave of absence?

“Fall apart?” you say? Wrong. It gets stronger.

O2 Initiatives, a new Bay Area-based philanthropic partnership and a Mission Minded client, knows how and why this works — and they’ve launched a new grant program to make sure it happens more often.

The O2 Sabbatical Award offers exceptional nonprofit executive directors a three-month break for personal and professional reinvigoration. The program, inspired by the successes of the Durfee Foundation’s Sabbatical Program in Los Angeles, is designed with three goals in mind: (1) Re-energize great leaders in the Bay Area, (2) Improve their organization’s leadership capacity and resilience, and (3) Cultivate a network of program alumni who collectively advance the sector.

O2 Initiatives partnered with Mission Minded to develop their positioning, messaging, visual identity, and website.

We’re proud of our work with O2 Initiatives, and we’re excited about this opportunity. Mission Minded has the honor of partnering with some of the Bay Area’s most incredible do-gooder organizations and their exceptional leaders, and we encourage you all to learn more. Mark your calendars: the O2 Sabbatical Award program is open for applications until August 15, 2014!


Sandra Fernandez is a Mission Minded Strategist. She applies her creative and editorial skills, and her passion for socially-conscious causes, to assist organizations with social media development, copyediting, writing, research, and more.

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