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Jacqueline Koch

Senior Brand Strategist

206-687-8546  | 

Working with organizations large and small and across the nonprofit, global health and development sectors, Jacqueline Koch brings to Mission Minded more than 10 years of experience as a communications and branding strategist. Making good on her professional commitment to advancing positive change, she helps clients discover and tap into their most valuable asset—their story—and put it to work.

Understanding the human desire for connection, Jacqueline is a true believer in the power of storytelling to deliver meaningful audience engagement. She guides clients to find their authentic voice to bring their ideas, vision, and mission to life. Working with organizations such WHO, American Red Cross and National Wildlife Federation, she’s trained her insatiable curiosity on effectively translating complex ideas and diverse issues. From equity in education and low-carbon development to economic opportunity for women and disruptive innovations for global health, Jacqueline is deft at uncovering the story that connects the heart with the head.

Working in countries across Asia and Africa gave Jacqueline great appreciation for creating community back home in Seattle. She serves on the board of Transitional Resources as well as the leadership team of her local community garden, where her annual beet harvest has become legend. Eager to answer the call of the great outdoors, you’ll find her biking, hiking or foraging for choice, edible mushrooms.