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Erin Allen

Lead Digital Developer & Designer

Erin Allen has worn many hats in her 15-year design career working with schools and nonprofits. This wide-ranging background in developing creative for branding, ad campaigns, and editorial publications has made her very adaptable in her current role as a web designer and developer.

Erin brings expertise in the full lifecycle of a web project: from research, site architecture, site design and coding, through content management system integration and training. Erin has collaborated with in-house teams of various sizes and abilities, and has a penchant for creating sites that are usable for content editors as well as site visitors, helping to keep sites running smoothly after launch.

A performer at heart, Erin spends her time off the clock both onstage and behind-the-scenes in the performing arts world, playing production designer for a few short indie films, volunteering at the Music Box Village (an interactive art installation/music venue), and of course, getting very competitive at karaoke.