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Does Your Organization Dedicate Enough Resources to Communications?

Posted by on June 2nd, 2011
Posted in Blog, Nonprofit Branding, Nonprofit Communications, Nonprofit Fundraising, Nonprofit Messaging

In the for-profit world, the rule of thumb is to spend 20% of budget on marketing and communications. Why should it be different in the nonprofit world? It shouldn’t. Learn why it’s important for your organization to give communications its due.

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Does Rebranding Strike Fear Into Your Heart?

Posted by on March 25th, 2011
Posted in Blog, Nonprofit Branding, Nonprofit Communications, Nonprofit Messaging, Nonprofit Taglines

If the process of rebranding or renaming your organization strikes fear in your heart, read on to learn what one …

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3 Lessons You Can Learn from the Re-Branding of National Equity Project

Posted by on December 7th, 2010
Posted in Blog, Nonprofit Branding, Nonprofit Communications, Nonprofit Copywriting, Nonprofit Messaging, Nonprofit Taglines, Nonprofit Web

Changes were afoot when Bay Area Coalition of Equitable Schools turned to Mission Minded to help them re-brand, re-name, re-message, …

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Is Brandraising for your nonprofit?

Posted by on June 25th, 2010
Posted in Blog, Nonprofit Fundraising, Nonprofit Messaging, Performing Arts, Social Media, Storytelling

In the current economic climate, nonprofits need to focus on ways to stand out from the crowd, win charitable dollars, …

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What Is a Brand?

Posted by on May 5th, 2010
Posted in Blog, Nonprofit Branding

“A brand is a result, not a tactic” – Lucas Conley While the process of “brand building“ can be complex, …

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Mission Minded Founding Partner To Teach at USF

Posted by on March 9th, 2010
Posted in Blog, News

Mission Minded founding partner, Jennie Winton, will serve as an adjunct professor at the University of San Francisco’s Masters in …

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