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Always an Adventure

Denver Art Museum is a place for explorers, appealing to those who seek to have an uncommon experience, to know more, to learn something new, to experience something different, and uncover something unusual.

Each new exhibition provides an opportunity to create a fresh title and a compelling visual story that presents the museum as the place for major, not-to-be-missed art experiences that will be exciting to families, casual visitors, and art patrons alike.

The experience begins with the engaging, active title SPUN: Adventures in Textiles that speaks to the roots of textile arts from different ages and countries throughout the world. The sweeping visuals convey the expansiveness of this museum-wide exhibition that features everything from Navajo rugs and Asian robes to Western jeans and contemporary yarn bombs.

For an exhibit comprised almost entirely of its permanent collection, Marvelous Mud: Clay Around the World inspires the kind of public buzz usually reserved for the star-power of traveling exhibitions. The celebratory title and visceral design reflect the hands-on experience of mixing interactive educational experiences in with serious works of art, bringing to life the possibilities already existing in the museum’s own collection.

We partner with Mission Minded because of their strategic thinking, outstanding creative work and effective project management. Mission Minded knows its business and ours.

Cathey Finlon as President, Denver Art Museum

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