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Together, We’re Stronger

Mission Minded recently helped refresh the brand of California Partnership to End Domestic Violence. Our work culminated in new key ...

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Your Best Story is a Metaphor

How can a metaphor be your nonprofit’s best story and help make complex problems relatable to your audiences.

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3 Commitments Newly Appointed School Heads Should Make in Their First Year

This school year will be like none your school—or any school—has ever experienced, which is why the importance of designing an intentional entry process and committing to a comprehensive listening tour is paramount.

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3 Lessons You Can Learn from the Re-Branding of National Equity Project

Changes were afoot when Bay Area Coalition of Equitable Schools turned to Mission Minded to help them re-brand, re-name, re-message, ...

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Will Your Virtual Event Build or Break Your Brand?

How to ensure your virtual event is on-brand while engaging your audiences and achieving your goals.

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Are Your Messages Right for Right Now?

I was recently part of an online discussion of foundation communications directors discussing how to change their annual reports in ...