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New Site for Coalition for Children Affected by AIDS (CCABA) Demonstrates Power of Minute Message Model

Posted by on June 11th, 2012
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We’re pleased to announce the recent launch of the new website for Coalition for Children Affected by AIDS (CCABA).

The website highlights how the Minute Message Model can improve the way an organization talks about their work online.

Before designing the site, Mission Minded worked closely with CCABA to clarify their brand and craft the key messages that would compellingly and succinctly define their work and purpose.

The results of our messaging collaboration are visible on the new CCABA website, from the main page to the “About Us” tab. CCABA utilized their Belief, Problem, and Impact Messages to provide site visitors with a simple, powerful introduction to their mission that emphasizes the benefits of their work, rather than the features.

Who is CCABA, you might wonder? This question is answered straight away on the front page:

The Coalition for Children Affected by AIDS believes that children need to be made a higher priority in the international response to HIV and AIDS. The Coalition brings funders and technical experts together to advocate for the best policy, research, and programs for children because children are a vulnerable population that has too often been overlooked.

Instantly, a vital central theme is communicated to site visitors: children are not being made a priority in the international response to HIV/AIDS, and CCABA is here to change that. It’s hard to argue with. The “About Us” page supplements the Belief Message with the Problem Messages that describe the “why” in further detail. In the “Our Story” page, CCABA utilized an Impact Message that recounts the history of the organization in compelling narrative.

After hearing the first message, you might wonder: how can children possibly be overlooked in such a dire epidemic? If you keep reading, you’re given CCABA’s answer—and what they intend to do about it.


Sandra Fernandez is a Mission Minded Strategist. She applies her creative and editorial skills, and her passion for socially-conscious causes, to assist organizations with social media development, copyediting, writing, research, and more.

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