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Do You Have Your Priorities Straight?

Posted by on March 18th, 2020
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“If something is strategically important, develop and implement it using the tools at your disposal as quickly as possible. And if it’s not that important, don’t do it. Working remotely means just that. Working. From a different location.” – Kris Putman-Walkerly, Philanthropy Expert and Author, Delusional Altruism

You may be wondering if your strategic projects are a priority now that you and your colleagues are likely working from home, at least for the next three weeks.

Though life right now is confusing, disorienting, and it’s easy to feel unfocused, the reality is that this pandemic, no matter how severe it turns out to be, will end. And when it does, your organization will have goals to reach that were no less urgent than when you set them.

The health and safety of your loved ones is obviously your prime concern, and when it comes to your work, focusing on priorities that move your organization forward must remain at the top of your list.

Though the situation is unpredictable, one thing is not: When the pandemic ends you’ll still have to meet your goals, only with less time to do it.

If you’re in education you’ll still need to expand your outreach and enrollment. If you’re planning or running a capital campaign your board will still expect you to raise the money you need to fulfill your mission. In fact it will probably be even more critical that you do so, and quickly. If you’re elevating your profile through an enhanced website, brand strategy or both, that won’t be any less important a month or two from now. And if you’re in social service your clients will rely on you more than ever.

Also? In the spirit of work-life balance, the last thing you’ll want is to return to your office and have to work double-time for the rest of the year in order not to fail when you could have been chipping away at the work at a healthy, steady pace.

So if you haven’t done so already, take a close look at your priorities, gather with your team (virtually), and figure out how to ensure your organization emerges stronger and better, weeks or months from now.

We’ve already shared sound tips on how to work well from home. Another priority is how your organization can remain on brand, even during uncertain times. Here’s how.

What else should you be doing? Make forward progress on your intentions and resist the temptation to put on hold projects that advance your strategic priorities, your annual goals, and your financial stability.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way. And your strategic priorities – especially those that help you reach more people more effectively – should remain a top priority, no matter where you call the office.

If you need help designing the right approach to honing your message, capital campaign, website and digital campaign or other brand-related project, or with your overall strategic plan while you and your colleagues are working remotely, reach out to anyone here at Mission Minded. We’ve got ideas and are happy to share.


Jennie Winton is a Founding Partner of Mission Minded, a 25-year marketing veteran sought for her expertise in branding nonprofit organizations, and a one-on-one leadership coach.

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