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Are Your School’s Messages Right for Right Now?

Posted by on April 30th, 2020
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Remember back on March 13th when we thought we might have to close our schools for two weeks?

We now have a clearer view of what lies ahead. And in these uncertain times, reinforcing your value to families has never been more important because your school’s financial stability rests on securing the allegiance of families for the 20/21 school year.

So we developed this guide to help you create the messages that will inspire commitment and loyalty from your existing and new families. Once you understand these principles your new messages can inform all of your parent communications, making your job a little bit easier at a time when you may be busier than ever.

This is no longer a 4-week blip. Or even four months. The implications of this pandemic will be long and deep for your families, faculty and staff. But right now, and until every family feels that deep fidelity, clear and motivating messaging should be your top priority.

We show you how in our latest white paper: Your School’s Brand: 9 Steps to Creating Messages Right Now that Inspire Commitment and Loyalty. There are even a few verbatim phrases you can feel free to put into action right away. (See how we’re always trying to make things easier for you?)

Please let us know how you put what you learned into action. And if it’s time for your school to update your strategic plan, strengthen your brand, messages, admissions or capital campaign communications, please let us help. You can see more of the work we’ve done with independent schools here.

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Are Your Messages Right for Right Now?


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